a collection of unfinished crappy poems

I really didn’t wanna post this but I’m just gunna because what’s the point of caring what anyone thinks.


you know when you try really hard and it just doesn’t work out the way you want? Yeah well here it is, just that, me trying so hard to write something nice and in return hating it all.

Public Service Announcement 

Warning! Stay 500 yards back: the heavy weight of all my emotions buried deep in my chest feel like a ticking time bomb ready to explode at any given moment

75° and sunny.

I want to smell sweet like spring time to you

leaving only,

the smell of rain and flowers to resonate on your sheets 


the perfect indentation of my body’s last resting place before creeping out of your bed at dawn

I want to taste like honey

so sweet and intoxicating, leaving you to lick your lips in hopes of savoring every last drop

I want my voice to sound like the greatest love song you’ve ever heard 

stuck in your head on repeat

my touch to warm your core like the morning sun on a cool winter day 


I’ve lost it again

It was there for a fleeting moment

Why can’t it last forever?

It’s almost infuriating 

It came on quick, filling every ounce of my being

Blood rushing

White knuckles

Pen to paper




I tried to smoke you out with each drag from my cigarette but like the scars littering my body

there is no escaping the memory of you.

L. O. V. E.

4 simple letters, a billion meanings.

I’ve never known another word to be tossed around so carelessly.

Paper Cuts.

You’re just like a paper cut between my fingers

always stinging just as I forget you where ever there.

Empty at best.

A slow jazz tune plays softly in the background

the dim, ambient lights cast slow moving shadows around the room

I feel your hand tighten its grip on my waist, pulling me closer.

close my eyes and lose myself for a moment

the music fades, everything is silent

besides the soft beating of the drum coming from deep within your rib cage.

“It’s bad for you” I know and I don’t care.

Sitting at the bus stop in the rain

faint echoes of this sad song fills my ears

A thick blanket of fog coats the tall buildings surrounding me



Shaky fingers grip the soggy cigarette wedged between my chapped lips

and then it hits me,


I close my eyes, tilt my head back letting the rain wash all the darkness away.




It’s okay now.

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